Why I Chose Photography?

Why did I decide to chase my photography dream?  Simply put, it’s a passion of mine.  I work full time in another profession which I also enjoy and thankfully provides for my family.

In high school I joined the yearbook staff as an elective, it was just to fill the space in my schedule.  My love for photography began there.  I was fascinated with not only taking the pictures but editing them in photoshop as well.  After high school I began college and working full time.  In my second semester of school I became engaged to my high school sweetheart and we moved back home to plan our wedding.

As my wedding gift from a high school teacher, and friend of the family, I received ALL of my wedding pictures, unedited, on CDs.  I was able to edit them as I wish and print whatever I chose.  I continued to be fascinated.

My hubby and I purchased our first digital camera for the honeymoon and I must have taken 600 pictures or more that week we were in Savannah, Georgia.  I carried that point and shoot around for months (maybe even a year).  I would snap pictures of anything and everything.  I will never forget sitting at my desk and taking about a hundred pictures of my wedding set, playing with all the “features” the camera offered.  Only to later realize, I “aint seen nothin’ yet”, after our first baby was born we purchased a “fancier” point and shoot.


That poor baby, I put the camera in his face 24/7 literally.  I loved snapping pictures of those tiny feet, his little hands, and that nose.  I was bursting with photography excitement.  Then little man started moving, a lot…and soon came baby #2!  Suddenly, the point and shoot wasn’t fast enough and we purchased a DSLR.  I will never forget opening that box and holding my first “real” camera.  Ok, I know that sounds ridiculously crazy but anyone that has a passion of some sort will know what it is like to get a new “toy” related to that passion.


After getting my first DSLR, I snapped pictures like I never snapped before. I blew up Pinterest and the internet researching and learning every detail of my new camera.  Again, bursting with pure enjoyment.  In the beginning I only snapped pictures of my family and our beautiful children, but eventually I had friends and family members contacting me asking if I would take pictures for them.


More times than not their reasoning was simple, “professional” photographers were out of their price range and they loved my pictures they had seen on Facebook of my children.  I had one tell me they “won” a session with a very well known family photographer in town but after receiving their proofs they couldn’t afford to purchase but one image, even with the discounted prices.  It saddened me to think there are families out there who have never had family pictures taken because they cannot afford it. I too was this way, I looked at several photographer websites and couldn’t find one in our price range.  I knew I wanted to offer services at prices families could afford.


Don’t get me wrong, I understand the pricing of those photographers. Many have years and years of training, or they offer special techniques and services that I cannot, which justifies their pricing.  I appreciate and respect each of them and their business.

This dream remained in the back of my mind for a couple of years.  A dream of creating a photography business, that would provide families the opportunity for professional portraits at affordable prices.  After months, maybe even a year or two, being pushed by several special people in my life, I decided why not?!  I knew it was something I wanted to do but I always let fear get in my way.  Eventually, I decided I was going to just jump, with both feet.  I knew my goal- take photos of families, children, newborns, and new parents.  Simple, why was I so worried and scared?  So I did it, I jumped…it was a pretty big jump for me, but I’m so glad I took the risk.

I’m blessed to be able to allow my photography to do exactly what I have dreamed of.  It’s just me and my camera, doing what I love and for that opportunity – I will be forever grateful!

PS- It is so fun to look back at how my photography style has changed!


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