Beautiful Fall Sunset

I absolutely love fall, pretty much everything about fall is amazing.  Fall is full of football, cooler temps, gorgeous leaves, and beautiful sunsets.  Photography and the “golden hour” (one hour just before sunset) go together like Oreos and milk!  During the fall, that hour of light is even more precious, almost looks like God’s canvas!  That “golden hour” of sunset offers the best lighting for backgrounds in photography.  The sun is low enough in the skin that it doesn’t cast harsh shadows on your face, and the backlighting from the sun creeping through trees creates unique backgrounds for portraits.  It really is my favorite time of the day to break out the camera!


Tonight I was walking through the house and noticed a warm, orange, glow on the walls.  When I looked outside, I noticed one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have seen in a long time.  I couldn’t resist breaking out the big camera.  I’m glad I did, these images are going to make awesome computer backgrounds….maybe even a Facebook cover page!! 😉


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