Pearson Bloopers!

The majority of the pictures that make it to the blog, Facebook, and Instagram are the “posed” pictures and not the “fun” pictures.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE posed pictures, those are usually the ones that grandma wants printed on a canvas and hung in the living room, or they are used for Christmas cards and birth announcements.  With that being said, most of my personal favorites from my sessions and of my family as well, is the “bloopers” if you will.  Personally, I LOVE the bloopers…and usually those get the most compliments because they capture the true personality!  I recently took family pictures for a family friend that I have known for a very long time.  She has two of the most adorable little girls ever, and I couldn’t wait to get them in my camera lens.  At first they were a little shy, totally normal, then as they let loose (or we tried to get little sister to open up)…the personalities started flowing and we got some cute “bloopers”…enjoy!


Big sister tried her best to get little sister to dance with her.


More big sister silliness!


She’s a hoot!


Even though little sister didn’t want to dance, big sister did!


Little sister was skeptical about dancing.



Even with the entire family spinning and dancing, little sister still wasn’t sure about it.  But talk about adorable pictures right?!


I’ve always tried to snap some candid shots at every session and most of the time they turn out some really awesome pictures, but I’m going to start snapping more!


#PearsonBloopers were too adorable to not share 🙂


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