The Walker’s

You may have seen this couple a time or two, or three, but I have to share them at least one more time!  She wanted a sunset session, but the timing just never worked out.  I kept telling her to trust me, we would get beautiful pictures even if we couldn’t get the sunset she had in mind.  The session was scheduled for around noon, which most photographers would say is “too harsh” for portraits.  Which I have to admit, I have said a time or two myself, and I was slightly concerned about the sun casting terrible light on them but I had a few ideas in mind that I thought could work even though the timing may not have been “ideal”.


The location she wanted was wooded and has huge oak trees with moss hanging from them.  I thought we could take a majority of their pictures under the trees and use the trees to diffuse the light.


There was a clearing in the trees where some wildflowers were planted.  The sun wasn’t diffused but I thought if I could use the wildflowers to frame the pictures I could position myself to have the sun casting a glow on the couple, and I prayed that I could control too much light during editing.  Thankfully, it turned out to be beautiful!


The couple is high school sweethearts, with three children, and four grand-children.  I love seeing couples stick together, and I wanted to incorporate some of their wedding into the session.  For this pose I wanted to focus on their wedding photo with the slightly blurred in the background


Remember how I said the sun was a fear of mine, well God helped with that in the form of an over cast day.  In fact that morning it rained, actually stormed, and I was worried we may have to cancel the session but I kept checking the radar and the weather and both indicated the rain to stop around the time of our session, and thankfully it did.  Just as we were wrapping up the clouds covered the sun and I took advantage of the nice soft light.


More from their wedding, these glasses and their original wedding rings were a nice touch to have in their session.


Some times it is those “candid” shots that I love most.


I was adjusting my settings and snapped this one, ended up being one of my favorites.


Another framed picture attempt.  I actually climbed on the top of the bridge to get the moss to frame my subjects, I love how it turned out!


Lastly, we couldn’t leave out their precious puppy.  She did so well, she sat right there in her momma’s lap and waited for the photographer to make all kinds of crazy noises to get her attention.


Thank you again, Walkers!  I enjoyed capturing the love and joy between the two of you.


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