The Pearson Family

Earlier this week I talked about the “bloopers” from this family session, which turned out adorable.  I want to share some of the “posed” pictures too.  The session was scheduled for a sunset and in a beautiful location with flowers, trees with hanging moss, and fields full of dried wildflowers (I never thought dried wildflowers could be so pretty).  The session could not have gone anymore perfect.  The weather was cool enough to keep the sweat off (in Florida that is a task in itself!) and the sun was setting perfectly over the trees.  Not to mention, could this family be anymore adorable?!


I loved how their outfits coordinated, yet weren’t identical.


Momma with her girls.


I had been reading about silhouette pictures for a while and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to give it a try.  I love how the sun was at the perfect place in the sky to cast a sun flare through their hands.



I just love this one.  The sun casting a warm, fall, glow on the trees and the family casually walking down the road.  If you look closely you can see the family pup just in front of the family. So sweet!


Remember those dried wildflowers I talked about, this is them…I love how they added texture to the background of their picture.


One last picture, sessions like these make my job so easy…and make picking a “few” favorite images very hard!  They were such a fun group to work with and a beautiful family.  Thanks again Pearson family!!!


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