Photo Gift Ideas

FIFTEEN!!!  We have fifteen days until Christmas! Can you believe it’s almost here? Are you feeling crunched for gift ideas? Do you have some gorgeous pictures you would love to use? I am here to help!  I have always been a fan of home made gifts, they are unique, sentimental, and usually are things you cannot just go buy at a store. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite photo gift ideas to share with you, so let’s get started!

All of the sites I’m going to share with you I found through Pinterest, gotta love that site! 


First up is The Frugal Girls Coasters I have seen this idea for years and have always wanted to give it a try just have never gotten around to it.  They appear to be super easy, inexpensive, adorable, and very useful! Take some of your favorite pictures from the year, have them printed, pick up some tiles from the hardware store, Mod Podge those bad boys and you’re done! Grandma will never get tired of having her grand babies sitting on her coffee table! 

Speaking of coffee table, how neat would it be to have these Photo Wooden Blocks from The Pinning Mama sitting on the coffee table each time you visited your parents?! I love this idea for so many reasons, it’s pretty child-proof being that it’s only wood and you can make as many or as few as you want.  Also very economical, these blocks could make gifts for several members of your family.  Grandma can place them on the coffee table, dad can take them to work to set on his desk (drill a few holes in the top and dad could use it as a pen holder!), could be a paper weight for the uncles at work, or even stacking block for the cousins in the family.  Get creative, paint them or stain them before adding your pictures. So many options! 

I have to include a Christmas decoration, check out these Birch Photo Ornaments from View From The Fridge ! My parents LOVE Christmas, to the point they have something like 30 Christmas trees they decorate each year! I know right!? They would love to get these rustic ornaments of the kiddos each year.  What a neat tradition it would be to include an ornament of the children each year with the grandparents gifts? I just may have to try that… Again, this is another easy and inexpensive gift idea.  And the neat thing about these ornaments, they don’t have to be just for Christmas. Think about taking a picture of your little one dirty (I mean really dirty, like mud all over their face) and then take a picture of them clean and looking all cute.  You could give this as a gift to be used as a dishwasher sign to tell if the dishes are clean or dirty. You can write with a sharpie “dirty” on the dirty side and “clean” on the clean side. Use a magnet to attach it to the dishwasher! 

Last, but certainly not least, is my personal favorite Mini Calendars from Its Always Autumn !!!! I just LOVE these. I always give calendars to our parents containing pictures of the kiddos throughout the year. Well this year, I’ve dropped the ball and haven’t ordered it. It’s so late now I worry about it getting here in time.  But thanks to Its Always Autumn, I’ve got an alternative! And I just love how cute they are.  I will definitely post my finished product when I’m done with these! Sorry, moms if y’all are reading this you know one of your gifts 😉 

I hope that helps you finish your gift list, takes a little stress off your back, and helps you get creative. Pictures are so precious as they document our family memories, how awesome to share those memories with others through gifts! 
Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!  


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