Bridget’s 40th Birthday!


A very special friend of mine turned the big 4-0 this month and when her hubby contacted me about photographing the surprise party for her, I swiftly responded “YES!”  I was so excited to not only be apart of this special time but also to be responsible for capturing the party through my photography…it was such an awesome day!


When he planned this party for his beautiful bride, he did not miss a beat! Everything coordinated in color, theme, and the room literally sparkled just as she does.


The party girl’s daddy even had fun with the red carpet at the “after party”!


The birthday girl with her precious family.


Red carpet you ask?!  He wanted her to feel like she was walking the red carpet when she arrived to the party, as well as each of her guest.  So what better way than to have a red carpet (literally), a huge backdrop, and a photographer snapping “red carpets pics” as they arrived.  The backdrop read “Happy Birthday Bridget” and had her initials with “40th” behind.  I’m telling you, he thought of everything!


Me with the birthday girl…I find myself much more comfortable on the other side of the camera!


You know how they say the prettier the cake usually means it doesn’t taste as good…SO NOT the case with this cake.  It was gorgeous AND tasted amazing!


Gorgeous girl cutting her cake!


Goofy picture of the party crowd.


…and one serious one!


I’ve always said I love sitting back and capturing the moments through my pictures…SO true at events.  It’s fun to get the detail shots, and the posed with friends or family pictures…but capturing the laughs, smiles, and emotions is priceless!


Sweet couple!





Seeing the excitement in her face and the surprise in her eyes when she walked around the corner and saw her family and friends waiting to celebrate her special day…literally brought tears to my eyes.  She’s such a beautiful person with an amazing heart, who would do anything for those she loves…it’s so nice to see her being pampered and loved the way this man loves her.  You two are so special, not only to each other but to us as well and I’m so thankful to have been apart of your special day and wish you many more years of happiness!


One thought on “Bridget’s 40th Birthday!

  1. Wow, thank you so much Renee! You are so talented and we appreciate you very much. Your words are so meaningful and it means the world that you took the time to put this together for us.


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