Skipper Family

Prepare yourself for some of the most adorable pictures of the sweetest family you have ever seen.  My job is simple when you have beautiful subjects like these.  Every single one of these pictures turned out amazing.  I tried my best to narrow down only a few favorites, it wasn’t easy…I know I say that all the time…but seriously, just take a look!


SM1 2

It was freezing, the coldest day of the year at that point and this little one was a champ!


Big sister knows how to pop a pose let me tell you.  I could have snapped thousands of pictures of her, she was a blast!


Little one enjoying some tummy time.


Big sister was trying her best to cheer up lil sis.




We took pictures at a park with beautiful trees covered in moss…it provided a gorgeous backdrop.


Daddy lovin’


We took a break from pictures, for big sis to run and build up some heat.


Beautiful ladies!



Thank you again Skipper Family, enjoy your beautiful pictures!


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