Michalkiewicz Family


The Michalkiewicz family invited me to their gorgeous new home for their family session a almost two weeks ago.  When Lindsay contacted me about taking pictures and explained their home/property I was excited, it sounded so beautiful.  When I arrived, I was blown away!  Not only are they an adorable family with a beautiful little girl and handsome young boy, their home was stunning and their property backed up to a canal with a cute little dock…it turned out to be a prime choice for family pictures.  Such a sweet family and I’m loving the “lifestyle” pictures we were able to capture.


Although the weather did not want to cooperate with us we were still able to get some amazing shots on the dock before the heavy rain came.


After the rain picked up we headed inside and I decided to try some “lifestyle” shots of the kids in their rooms and the family in their home.


She loves Minnie Mouse so of course we had to take a picture or two with Minnie. Look at those eyes…not Minnie’s! 🙂


Being ALLOWED to jump on the bed, what boy wouldn’t love that?!


Sweet older brother!


Thank you again Michalkiewicz Family, I enjoyed visiting with you and capturing your family’s memories!


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