Nikki Maternity

This sweet little couple hold a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait to meet their little one this month!  I was so honored when Nikki reached out to me for maternity pictures with her handsome hubby.  This girl has style y’all, and lets not forget is absolutely GLOWING…I knew this would not only be a fun, memorable, session but a gorgeous one also!


When we arrived at the family farm I was totally swooning over the beautiful trees, the fields full of cattle, blooming azaleas, and a SILO…it was like a photographer’s paradise and I couldn’t wait to start snapping…then Nikki said “oh we are going to start down at the river”…there’s water too!?


And so to the water we went.  They also had their three fur-children tag along to incorporate in some of the pictures…such a sweet idea!  Those puppies did AMAZING, I mean they listened so good!!!  “Sit” and “stay”, and that they did!


Spring just may be my favorite time of the year to take pictures, I love the blooms everywhere and finding different ways to work them into each frame!


Flirtatious pictures are so fun, and make adorable poses!


I told you, good puppies!


Poor Maggie was scared she would be left out of the shoot!


I know I mentioned it on Facebook but I just have to give this momma another compliment, look at that belly!  This woman was just five weeks from her due date at this session…AMAZINGLY stunning!


This last picture goes down in my all time favorites folder…love it!


Love this couple, this location, this session, these pictures, and that precious baby boy we are all dying to meet!!  Nikki and Jackson, you two are going to make fantastic parents and I cannot wait to see you in action.  Congrats again, now come on little man…we are waiting as patiently as we can!


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