Meet Baby Alexa!

This gallery is going to make you swoon, no seriously!  This little princess was welcomed to this sweet family last month, and just take a look at how gorgeous she is!


These are two of the best big sisters you will meet.  They made sure baby Alexa was taken care of, gave her endless kisses, and couldn’t wait to get in the picture with her!  Such a sweet bond sisters have!


Sweet momma love, it doesn’t get much better than that when you are trying to calm a little one.


They have upgraded to a party of five!  Such a sweet little family.


She slept perfectly for me.  Those cheeks and little pouty lips…I die!


She’s just too adorable for words!


I’m pretty sure this is my favorite newborn picture I’ve taken to date…absolutely melts my heart!


I love the way she is holding her feet in this last one.  Those little toes!!!!


She is truly a blessing and such a beautiful baby girl.  Congrats again Nicole and Eugene, she is just precious!  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these special memories for your family.


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