About Me 

Hi, I’m Renee! I’m married to my high school sweetheart who is incredibly encouraging and probably my biggest photography fan! He has been pushing me for years to step out of my comfort zone and share my talent with others.  He has been my subject numerous times when I purchased new equipment or found a new “style” I wanted to test out.  Thanks hubby!

We have two amazing, energetic, polite, and ridiculously hilarious children. Our little boy is five years old and into all things sports related. Pig skin is his jam this fall!!  Our little girl is four years old (yes folks we have “Irish twins” and it couldn’t be more entertaining!) and she’s very much our girly girl. Ballet and gymnastics totally rock her world! 

Then there’s me 🙂 I love all things photography. I enjoy making my own props and backdrops, learning new techniques, and reading about other photographers as inspiration and motivation.  Being behind the camera is my happy place and providing my clients photos to cherish is complete bliss for me. 

While photography is my passion, I also enjoy working on DIY projects with the hubs, crafting with my children, entertaining friends and making memories with my family that my children will remember for their lifetime. 

I began my love for photography while in high school working on the yearbook staff. After high school I didn’t really pick up a camera again until I married my husband and we purchased our first digital camera for our honeymoon. From that point forward I couldn’t stop shooting that shutter. Eventually we had our son and I stuck the camera in his face from day one. The point and shoot was fantastic and I was capturing those precious moments, until he began to move.  That’s when I was really introduced to the world of DSLR and I was unstoppable.  My poor children hit the “cheese” position like flipping a switch. Eventually friends and family began asking me to take pictures of their little ones, then people I didn’t know started asking about my services and that brings me here!

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know each of my clients. Capturing life’s special moments for them to cherish for a lifetime is so rewarding. I’m greatful for each of you who have chosen me to be a part of your family’s special moments, without you Renee Dawkins Photography wouldn’t be possible. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!