Johnson Engagement


Adorable family right?  It won’t be long before these two tie the knot under these gorgeous oaks on a crisp fall day.  We took their engagement pictures at the wedding venue and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  I’m a sucker for beautiful open fields with huge gorgeous old oak trees, and this venue had just that.


Tell me this, is she not going to make the most beautiful bride?  I cannot wait to see her glowing on their special day!


He popped the question, and she said yes!  Congrats again you two!!


Baby Jackson

Before I go into each session, I have a plan.  I research poses and techniques prior to the session.  I know a “theme” which I want to aim my work.  I come up with a “game plan”, which backdrop to use first, any props I want to include, etc.  This session was no different, I had several ideas and knew my plan of action…but when I plugged my card into my computer that night after this session I was blown away.  The pictures were simply stunning!  Baby Jackson made his arrival earlier this month, his mommy and daddy were very anxious to meet him. It was a smooth sailing session, I think he may have had as much fun as I did 🙂 I will let the pictures do the talking…


Congrats again you two, he sure is one handsome young man!

Michalkiewicz Family


The Michalkiewicz family invited me to their gorgeous new home for their family session a almost two weeks ago.  When Lindsay contacted me about taking pictures and explained their home/property I was excited, it sounded so beautiful.  When I arrived, I was blown away!  Not only are they an adorable family with a beautiful little girl and handsome young boy, their home was stunning and their property backed up to a canal with a cute little dock…it turned out to be a prime choice for family pictures.  Such a sweet family and I’m loving the “lifestyle” pictures we were able to capture.


Although the weather did not want to cooperate with us we were still able to get some amazing shots on the dock before the heavy rain came.


After the rain picked up we headed inside and I decided to try some “lifestyle” shots of the kids in their rooms and the family in their home.


She loves Minnie Mouse so of course we had to take a picture or two with Minnie. Look at those eyes…not Minnie’s! 🙂


Being ALLOWED to jump on the bed, what boy wouldn’t love that?!


Sweet older brother!


Thank you again Michalkiewicz Family, I enjoyed visiting with you and capturing your family’s memories!

Baby Cooper


Sweet baby Cooper!  The hardest part about photographing mothers during their pregnancy is waiting for the baby to be born and see those sweet cheeks, tiny toes, and little bitty hands!  I know the parents are even more anxious to meet their little ones than I am.  Once I heard baby Cooper made a safe arrival, I couldn’t wait to meet him!


Already stealing daddy’s heart.  It’s amazing how you love so much during your whole life, but the love you get once you become a parent is so different.  There is nothing in the world better than holding and loving on your little bundle of joy.


Baby Cooper wanted to keep those gorgeous eyes open and see what this huge camera was doing in his face. I can’t blame him, and didn’t mind one bit!


Such a proud big brother, and he was so good with baby Cooper! Such sweetness!


Lets talk about those precious baby rolls on his side…too cute!


Best big brother award goes to this guy!  He was so gentle as he held baby Cooper, and he smiled the entire time.  Ending the session with a sweet brotherly kiss, perfect finale for a wonderful newborn session!  Welcome baby Cooper, you are one lucky little man and congrats momma and daddy he is perfect in every way!

Skipper Family

Prepare yourself for some of the most adorable pictures of the sweetest family you have ever seen.  My job is simple when you have beautiful subjects like these.  Every single one of these pictures turned out amazing.  I tried my best to narrow down only a few favorites, it wasn’t easy…I know I say that all the time…but seriously, just take a look!


SM1 2

It was freezing, the coldest day of the year at that point and this little one was a champ!


Big sister knows how to pop a pose let me tell you.  I could have snapped thousands of pictures of her, she was a blast!


Little one enjoying some tummy time.


Big sister was trying her best to cheer up lil sis.




We took pictures at a park with beautiful trees covered in moss…it provided a gorgeous backdrop.


Daddy lovin’


We took a break from pictures, for big sis to run and build up some heat.


Beautiful ladies!



Thank you again Skipper Family, enjoy your beautiful pictures!

2015 Wrap Up

2015 was such a big year!  For so long I have been encouraged to follow my dreams of having my own photography business and I finally made the leap this year, and I couldn’t be more thankful that I did!  This year brought me so much joy and excitement for my photography.  I have to say I have truly been blessed, and I am so excited to see where 2016 takes me.  To wrap up the year I wanted to pick my top ten favorite pictures from this year’s sessions.  It was hard to do, I truly loved every single one and narrowing down just a few wasn’t easy…in fact so difficult that I left it at 14 and couldn’t cut anymore.  Please enjoy my top picks from 2015…


2015Fav2015fav22015fav32015fav5Bella1.1Maternity11McKay30.1SM1SM3SM6SM10SM11SocialMedia1 2SocialMedia4

I cannot thank each of my clients enough for making 2015 as successful as it has been for me.  Without each of you, it would not be possible for me to follow my dreams.  I have so many amazing sessions already scheduled for 2016 and I know that is just a tip of the iceberg at what the year holds in store for me.  Thank you again, each of you, from the bottom of my heart…and thank you God for blessing me and helping me follow this dream of mine.  It was a fantastic 2015, now lets make 2016 even better!


Happy New Year!!!!

Baby N Newborn Session


This sweet baby boy could not have been any more precious for the camera.  He was two weeks old at the time of his session and he was showing off his ability to stay awake! Thankfully we were able to get some really good poses, and picking a few “favorites” from his session was almost impossible!


I always make it a point to get pictures of the baby feet, there is something about those tiny toes that I just can’t get over.  Baby N’s feet were too precious and I loved seeing the flaky skin in this picture.  Be still my heart!


I love the expression on his face, “you said one more picture thirty minutes ago!”


Baby N was born into a military family and I wanted to incorporate some specialities into the session.


An adorable baby boy sleeping in a basket.


Another military shot…with that sweet face!


It was such a pleasure to meet you sweet baby N.  Thank you for allowing me to shove my camera in your face, you made some beautiful pictures 🙂